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Childcare at Angel Park


Welcome to Angel Park Childcare. We are very happy to offer a quality, complimentary Childcare program for volunteers who are onsite helping with the Angel Park Build. We strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, so that you and your children enjoy a positive experience. Childcare is offered to the children of Angel Park Volunteers who are working on activities related to building Angel Park who are potty-trained, ages 3-13.


Childcare Pre-Registration:  Parents should sign-up for the Childcare program before bringing their child for the first time. Parents must complete and sign a Release & Waiver of Liability form. Parents must also complete and sign a Child Information Form, which must accompany the child every time he/she attends Childcare.


Check-in Policies and Procedures: In order to check in to Childcare, parents will need to be working on the Angel Park site - otherwise, children will not be admitted. Only the parent or guardian or responsible individual (over the age of 18) will be permitted to check in or out a child – this person must accompany the child for both check in and check out.  A wristband with an identification number will be assigned to both the parent and the child, and verification of the matching number will occur each time a child is checked in or out.  A child may be checked in or out multiple times throughout the Angel Park build as needed.  


Food & Drink:  Children will be served food at the lunchtime and dinnertime shift changes just prior to the adults, in the food tent, under the supervision of the volunteers in the childcare area.  Snacks will be provided within the childcare tent - parents are strongly encouraged to send snacks specifically for the children who may have allergies.



Allergies and EPI-PEN policy: If a child has an allergy he or she might be exposed to while at Angel Park, and/or a prescribed EPI-PEN or inhaler for this allergy, parents must indicate this on the Child Information form, along with any specific instructions for use. The EPI-PEN or inhaler must accompany the child EVERY TIME he/she checks in to Childcare. Without the EPI-PEN or inhaler, the child will not be admitted.


Special Needs:  If a child has a special need or a medical issue that may require monitoring, such as diabetes, please indicate on the Child Information Form, and alert the individual who is checking the child into the Childcare area.  The parent may want to discuss this further with the leader in the Childcare area.


Childcare Hours, Time Limits, and Capacity/Ratio Regulations: Childcare is available from 8:00am until 8:00pm July 8-10, & 12-18, 2016.  Families may utilize Childcare while volunteering for Angel Park, generally for one shift per day, however, shorter times may be appropriate for some children, and longer times may be appropriate for older children. Parents must remain onsite working on Angel Park activities while their children attend Childcare. Parents are responsible for keeping track of their time and for escorting their children from the Childcare area as soon as possible at the end of a shift. If a child shows signs of distress (i.e. Crying inconsolably for more than 10 minutes), or inappropriate behavior, parents will be notified and asked to remove their child from Childcare. Childcare is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and those who will plan to use this service are strongly encouraged to sign up for a volunteer shift in advance as walking-up to the site may result in the area being full to capacity.  Children will be mixed with age groups, and various activities will be planned to accommodate age-appropriate activities.  This age division could vary daily, and will be at the discretion of the Childcare staff.


Health and Safety Policies and Procedures: For the safety of all children, only approved volunteers are allowed behind the gate in the Childcare area with the children. Children must be potty trained in order to enter Childcare, and should be able to express the need to use the restroom facilities.  If the need should arise, children will be escorted by a Childcare staff member to the restroom. If your child brings anything from home (ex. Electronics, games, toys, etc…), Angel Park will NOT be held liable if anything should happen to the device/item. It is your child’s responsibility to keep that item on their person at all times. It is best to just bring your child to Childcare as we have tons of toys, games, etc…


Illness: Any child who shows signs of illness will not be allowed to attend Childcare. Children will not be admitted if they display any of the following symptoms:

-Temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher



-Redness in whites of eyes, or discharge from eyes

-An unexplained rash

-Signs of bodily pests, such as lice

-Unusual discomfort/irritability/exhaustion

-Discharge of mucus from nose that is not clear in color

-A persistent or phlegm-resonating cough

If a child becomes ill while in Childcare, a parent will be notified, and must remove his/her child from Childcare. The child must be symptom free for 24 hours from the onset of symptoms before his/her return. If your child contracts a contagious illness (Strep, Chickenpox, etc.), and has recently been present in Childcare, please alert Childcare Staff or the Childcare Coordinator immediately.


Childcare Behavior Policy: Angel Park recognizes the importance of positive behavior management strategies to promote children’s safety and enjoyment in Childcare. Our volunteers will aim to encourage appropriate behavior through praise for a specific behavior and talking to children with the courtesy and respect that we expect of them. Childcare volunteers are expected to provide a caring, cooperative and safe environment, respecting children and other staff members. Children are expected to respect and cooperate with the Childcare staff and other children. Behavior Management in Childcare is structured around the following principles:

  • Positive behavior will be reinforced with praise and encouragement.

  • Unacceptable behavior will be addressed in a calm but direct manner. Unacceptable behavior refers to nonnegotiable actions and may include physical or emotional harm to others, bullying, actions that endanger the safety of the child or others, or destruction of property.

Childcare volunteers will use the following techniques to resolve conflict and help the child learn from the situation:

  • Childcare staff will re-direct the child by offering him/her alternative and positive options.

  • Childcare staff will remove the child from the activity and redirect toward another activity.

  • Child will be removed from environment and placed next to a staff member for an allotted amount of quiet time. (The age of the child= the number of minutes next to a staff member.)

  • If unwanted behavior continues, parent will be called to pick up child.  It will be at the discretion of the Childcare Coordinator to determine whether the child may return on another day.   


Childcare Volunteer Qualifications:  All lead volunteers will have completed a background screening, which is the same as which is required by coaches and leaders in the Perry Hall Recreation Council.  Appointed Childcare Volunteers will consist of a mix of teens over the age of 14 and adults to supervise.  No volunteers will be permitted unless they have completed this screening.  If a civic group, such as a Girl/Boy Scout troop or sports team is onsite to help lead activities geared towards the children, the leader of this group would be required to complete the screening and would be responsible for monitoring the activities of his or her group.  

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