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The word “angel” can have many meanings, but it is always a reflection of something good and positive. Whether referring to a special person in our lives, an individual who has performed a good deed, or someone blessed with a special talent or gift, we all use the word “angel” in a complimentary and positive way.


Young or old, everyone can be someone’s angel. You’re an angel as a small child to your family, and when you help out a friend or neighbor in need. Even better, you’re an angel when you reach out to comfort a stranger. You’re an angel when you volunteer to help others who may not be as fortunate as you.


Angel Park – a new all-inclusive playground and amphitheater facility in Perry Hall has a very real and personal meaning to members of our community. The name was purposely chosen to represent a vision of an ideal setting for happiness and reflection. This name was selected to inspire support from the widest audience and to build the enthusiasm and momentum necessary to make it a reality.


Angel Park began from an idea that came to Kelli and Andy Szczybor after the loss of their baby boy, Ryan. From a sad origin, a

bright and life affirming idea emerged – to build a place for laughter, activity and fun, for families and friends throughout the

surrounding neighborhoods.


Ryan was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 6 months old. After extensive hospital visits, Ryan passed away at the tender

age of 15 months. The pain of losing their son is immeasurable. The family decided to turn something so sad into something

positive. They set out to help others like Ryan battling cancer and those who have lost loved ones or have children with special

needs. They wanted to build a place that would be a positive, safe and peaceful area that every child and family could enjoy.

They pictured a memorial garden for calm reflection, integrated with fun and unique play equipment that all children could use

regardless of physical or mental challenge. There would be a place for those in the arts to express and share their talents. It

would be a project that would bring the community together for a wonderful result.


A project of this magnitude would need a miracle to become a reality, and a group of caring, compassionate people that

shared the same dream.


Over time, word spread, and others with a passion to be part of something meaningful joined the cause. Eventually the “stars aligned” and with the help of many people, sufficient land became available to build an all-inclusive playground and amphitheater. It was just the miracle Angel Park needed.


Angel Park will incorporate the designs and ideas of local children and artists. It will be built and supported by the community and provide a unique destination to be enjoyed by all families for years to come. It will be more than a memorial park; it will be a special place for children, families and friends.




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